The main advantages and disadvantages of gift cards

Our time is the era of consumption and abundance of material values, sellers are fighting for every customer. Promotions, savings points - all this goes in motion. Gift cards have proven to be a handy sales driver. And the average consumer increases interest in the store, the brand.

In the practice of big retail chains in Europe and America, gift cards have existed for almost a century. In other countries, during its short existence, this kind of gift has gained a lot of popularity and supporters. Its convenience and practicality is already appreciated by both large networks, and small stores.

What is a gift certificate?

The certificate is tied to the monetary units of the country in which it was issued. The main task is to attract the buyer, to encourage him to make a purchase.

The customer is obliged to make a turnover, for this he is rewarded with an opportunity to get a discount next time. The owner may give it as a gift, refuse further use, to exchange with the owner of the certificate of another network. Sometimes cards are presented before the opening of a new store, a salon.

Advantages of gift certificate

This is a mutually beneficial mechanism, which brings profit to the seller, encourages the population to make purchases. The average consumer will always get a good discount, and the manufacturer will increase sales, remaining in the black. The buyer will visit the trade network more often, keep track of new products, and remember the expiration date of the certificate. The entrepreneur must keep visitors happy, update the stock, and hold sales. Special Benefits:

No permits, no banking license needed to issue.

A gift document perfectly promotes the brand or a certain group of goods, enhances the image of the store.

With gift cards, large chains can temporarily accumulate and use customers' money.

Disadvantages of gift cards

Along with all the advantages, there are a few downsides to such a presentation.

Some recipients may perceive such a gift as inattention to his own person and the desire to just brush it off. That is why it is better to know in advance the interests of the person celebrating the event and give him a card that will be interesting for him.

When buying a card you should pay attention to its expiration date and warn the recipient about it. Otherwise, there is a risk that it will remain unused and the time for activation will run out.

The recipient can choose a gift more expensive than the cost of the card. Then he has to add his own funds.

How to choose a gift certificate?

The abundance of offers makes it difficult to choose. The buyer must evaluate the financial capabilities and the importance of making the purchase. There are no certificates for food and basic necessities. Usually it's appliances, jewelry, brand name clothing or Pornhub gift cards.